School of Computer Applications

School of Computer Applications:

The School of Computer Applications has been established to nurture fresh talent in the field of Information Technology equipping them with plethora of skills to choose an area of interest at an early age. The Department firmly believes that theoretical knowledge supported by ample in-depth practical exposure are required to meet the challenges of this ever changing field. As the world looks towards India for fresh and energetic talent in the field of IT, the Department’s mission is to shape the next generation IT professionals with concrete foundation, employable skills along with a touch of human ethical values.

Course Offered:
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA).


Any student who has passed PUC under Karnataka PU Board or +2 under CBSE/ICSE/other boards in ANY discipline with minimum of 60% aggregate.


Faculty -
School of Computer Applications
Name: Dr.Debabrata Samanta
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: MCA, Ph.D

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Guides and their Research Areas

Sl. No Name Areas of Research
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
1 Dr. M. K. Banga IP Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Machine Learning, Analytics
2 Dr. S. Prakash Wireless Communications, Cloud Computing, Big Data
3 Dr. Shaila S. G. Information Retrieval, Image Processing, Cognitive Science, and Pattern Recognition
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
1 Dr. Hariprasad S. A. Communication, Embedded Systems
2 Dr. Basavaraj I Neelgar Antenna, Low Power VLSI
3 Dr. Jyoti Malik Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Biometrics
4 Dr. Theodore Chandra Semiconductor device modelling and simulation, High electron mobility transistors & nano-wire transistors, VLSI
Department of Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr. A. N. N. Murthy Expert system and Design Automation, Technology Systems
2 Dr. M G Anantha Prasad Advanced Materials , Product Design, Alternate fuels
3 Dr. Saravana Bavan Manufacturing Science, Composites, Powder Metallurgy, Finite Element Method
Department of Mathematics
1 Dr. Chandrashekar V Probability, Functional Analysis, Random Matrix Theory, Compressed Sensing and its applications to various real life engineering problems
2 Dr. Praneetha Varma Complex Analysis, Entire Functions
3 Dr. Mahalakshmi P. Queuing Theory, Operation Research, Stochastic Models and its applications to various real time problems
Department of Chemistry
1 Dr. Ashoka S. Nano materials and their applications for waste water treatment, catalysis, biomedical and electronic devices
2 Dr. V. Srinivasa Murthy Heterocyclic Compounds and their applications to Biological activities, Medicinal Chemistry, Heterocyclic Modified Nano-dendrimers
Department of Physics
1 Dr. Yogesh Kalegowda Spectroscopy, spectrometry, microscopy, surface chemistry, nano materials & thin films


School of Engineering under Dayananda Sagar University provides Science & Technology based Education required to develop high calibre Engineers suitable for Industry and Scientific Organization. The curriculum focuses on knowledge based course work integrated with skill development as a part of training. It equally helps in inculcating the scientific temper necessary for the Lifelong learning process.

At the Under Graduate level, a student goes through the foundation courses in Science, Humanities and Engineering. Each department ensures that the courses cover both Core & Electives as required. Provision for open elective help the students to acquire inter-disciplinary knowledge or specialize significantly in an area outside the parent discipline. At the Post Graduate level, students are exposed to knowledge beyond their specialization and help in broadening their horizons of thought process.

The School of Engineering follows two compulsory Semesters in a year with an option of a supplementary III Semester as a makeup semester. The I Semester begins from 1st August, II Semester from 1st December, and Supplementary Semester from 1st of April.

About Program:

Computer science and Engineering program's motive is to endow the arduous world with engineers who are proficient to be competent IT professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs. Programs helters all disciplines and intellectual enterprises of computer science province. Courses cover algorithms (study of design, implementation and analysis of their performances), various data structures, different programming paradigms, software development (end to end life cycle), software systems (compilers, operating systems, and databases), architecture of computers (machine level data representation to instruction processing), computer applications systems (networks, websites, cryptography) and also covers much required hardware support through subjects like digital circuits, interfacing techniques. The course helps students to be industry ready by continuous exposure to real time problem solving environment.

To emerge as a center of excellence in Computer Science & Engineering education and research, and develop high caliber graduates groomed to become professionals possessing exceptional technical expertise, skills and ethical values, capable of providing innovative solutions to the problems at the national and global levels.


  • To create a robust ecosystem where academicians, concept developers, product designers, business incubators, product developers, entrepreneurs, mentors and financial institutions are brought together under one platform of the department.
  • To ensure that the students not only find answers for many of their questions, but also get valuable exposure to real life situations in the process.
  • To establish Project Environment in the Department, provide hands-on experience to students and thus facilitate them working in projects that have relevance to industry, and/or business applications or societal necessities.
  • To establish a process to channelize student effort towards acquiring relevant competencies and skills in their chosen technology areas and domain so that they are confident, self-reliant and deployable in Industry.
  • To create continuous learning environment for teachers by arranging Faculty Development Programs to upgrade their knowledge and empower them to develop effective training delivery and research skills.
  • To establish Research Centers in collaboration with Industries and Institutions of National/International repute and conduct research in emerging areas as well as socially relevant technical and domain areas through funded research projects.

About the Department:

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E). We bestow our students with wide-ranging curriculum, well outfitted with the applicable as well as theoretical essentials of computer science. We have high profile educators and researchers as faculty to inculcate true desire for knowledge amongst the students and achieve excellence in schooling. The department is empowered with rich research environment to cater to the high quality programs at all levels. The department commits to work in unison with the world-class educators to showcase quality education across the globe. CS&E department also lays an ideal platform for housing various interdisciplinary collaborations with universities as well as industry leaders. The under graduate curriculum in Computer Science and Engineering covers the fundamental aspects of the field. It emphasizes basic principles, choice based departmental electives and institutional elective in the inter-disciplinary area. The curriculum stresses on experiential learning, laboratory work, projects, and ethical practices. First year curriculum covers applied science, basic engineering fields. Emphasis is laid on communication skills and social responsibility. Second year lays the foundation of Computer Science and Engineering with core subjects in hardware and software. Students study Operating Systems, System Software, Application Software’s and Computer Graphics as core course in the third year. Further, the third year program leverages the student to diversify with choice based departmental electives. The final year helps to assimilate Java, .Net, Green Computing, Cloud Computing, PEARL. Seminars, mini project, and project will make the student to integrate the knowledge gained to technical presentation and product development.

Dean's Message
Dr. M. G. Anantha Prasad

Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Product Design and Advanced Materials from VTU, Belgaum.
Dean, School of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Anantha Prasad holds a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Product Design and Advanced Materials from VTU, Belgaum. Published more than 48 papers in International/national journals & conferences and 01 patent in his credits. He has 18 years of teaching experience and 08 years of research experience. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Professional Fellowship (2015) to undergo specialized training at Loughborough University, UK. He has worked in different capacities as a faculty at different engineering institutions and has grown tremendously over the years. He has worked in different capacities like Placement officer, Head-IEDC, Head-TBI, Dean (Student Welfare). In addition to his duties as a faculty, he has successfully initiated and lead many innovative programs benefiting the students and the institution. It is because of his friendly approach and intuitive thoughts, he is well regarded in the professional circle. As a Placement Officer, he was able to invite many multi-national companies to the campus and has transformed the lives of many students. His contacts were able to fetch huge funding to the institutions through various student and other research projects. He also has the credibility of completing many funded projects as its principal investigator and co- investigator. He has been a party to many entrepreneurial programs and has organized several of them through which innovative ideas were kindled amongst students and some of them have also seen the light of the day. In addition to his novel initiatives, he has served as a key member of BOS, BOE and Academic Councils of several technical institutions. He has facilitated and chaired many faculty development programs and has played a pivotal role in identifying key personnel as chief guest, guest of honor and keynote speakers. He has also served as the convener of many national and international workshops and conferences on various topics and has the credit of presenting papers in similar events organized by other institutions. In general, Dr. Anantha Prasad is a very enterprising person through his words and deeds and is willing to contribute to the betterment of any institution at his best.

Board of Studies:


Sl.No Name Description
1. Dr. Praveen C Ramamurthy - Chairman Department of Materials Engineering, IISc, Bangalore - 560 078
2 Dr. N H Ayachit Professor & Chairman, Department of Physics, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi - 591 156
3 Dr. C M Joseph - Secretary Professor & HOD, Department of Physics, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore - 560 078

Board of Studies:


Sl.No Name Description Position
1. Prof. Munichandraiah Nookala Department of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012 Chairman
2 Dr. J R Mudakavi Chief Research Scientist, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560 012 Member
3 Dr. Ashok Kumar Shukla Professor & Head, Chemistry Department, MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore - 560 067 Member
4 Dr. T V Venkatesha Professor, Department of Post Graduated studies and research Chemistry, Kevempu University, Shankaragatta, Shivamoga - 577 451 Member
5 Dr. K. P. Ravinath Shetty Unit Head, M/s.CIPLA, Bangalore - 560 049 Member
6 Dr. Mohamed Afzal Pasha Department of studies in Chemistry, Central college campus, Bangalore university, Bangalore - 560 001 Member
7 Prof. BheemaRaju.V Department of Chemistry, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore - 560 078 Member
8 Dr.C.Jayarama Naidu Professor & HOD, Department of Chemistry, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore - 560 078 Member Secretary
9 R. D. Shivashankaraiah Dept. of Chemistry, DSCE, Bangalore – 560078 9845757489, Member

Board of Studies:


Sl. No Name Description
1. Dr. R Vittal Rao - Chairman Electronic Systems Engineering Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
2 Dr. G D VeerappaGowda Professor, Department of Mathematics, TIFR, Bangalore.
3 Dr. N K Indira Sr. Principal Scientist, CSIR 4 PI (CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute) (C-MMACS) NAL BelurCampus,Bangalore.
4 Dr. S. A. Chondum (Retd). Professor Department of Mathematics, IIT, Madras
5 Dr. V. Chandrashekar Professor, Department of Mathematics, Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru

Board of Studies:

Computer Science

Sl. No Name Description
1. Dr. P S Ram kumar Director, Applied Cognition Systems Pvt .Ltd, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore - 560 069
2. Dr. T K Sateesh President & CEO, Peepultech, Bangalore.
3. Dr. Krishnan R Professor & Head, Dept. Information Science & Engineering, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore - 560 078.
4. Dr. Ramesh Babu D R Professor & Head, Dept. Computer Science & Engineering, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore - 560 078

Board of Studies:

Electronics & Communication

Sl.No Name Address/Phone Numbers
1. Dr. Chandra R Murthy Professor, IISc., Bangalore Associate Professor, IISc., Bangalore Phone: +91-80-2293-2464 extn. 21. Fax: +91-80-2360-0563 Email: Mob: 9900194025
2 Dr. N Kaulgud Professor, NIE, Mysore Mob: 9900541686 Email:
3 Dr. Rathna G.N Principal, Research Scientist Electrical department IISc., Bangalore Phone: +91 80 2293 3167 E-mail:
4 Dr. Vara Prasad Senior Scientist, Head Microelectronics Division, ISRO Satellite Centre, Old Airport Road, Bangalore – 560 057 Email: Ph: 08025083350 Mob: 9449030070
5 Mr.DharmarayNaidalgi Engineer – Manager, Intel Mobile Communication, 1st Floor, Innovator, ITPL, White Field, Bangalore Email: Mob: 9880396249
6 Mr. Ramesh Venkatesan Principle Engineer, Wipro. G Health care, Bangalore Email: Mob: 9845175432
7 Dr.SairamGeethanath Prof. & Head, Dept. of Medical Electronics, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore – 560 078 Email: Mob: 9448293026
8 Dr. K L Sudha Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Communication, DSCE, Bangalore Email: Mob: 9845943756
9 Mr. Amith Bansal Managing director, Hed-X, Bangalore
10 Mr. Chandrakanth Singh Head, L& D, Mob: 9379293311

Board of Studies:


Sl.No Name Description
1. Dr. Gurumurthy B - Chairman Professor, Centre for Product Design & Manufacture & Dept. of Mech. Engg. IISC, Bangalore.
2 Dr. K Ramachandra Former Director, GTRE
3 Dr. S Seetharama Former Additional Director, CPRI
4 Dr. P. Sriram Chairman, Rapsri Engineering Industries Limited
5 Dr. H V Lakshminarayana Professor, Department of ME DSCE
6 Dr. AshitavaGhosal Professor, Department of Mech. IISC
7 Dr. D C Agarwal  
8 Dr. Venkateshwaralu K Materials Department, NAL
9 Dr. C P S Prakash Prof. & Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, DSCE, Bangalore.
10 Mr. G V Dasarathi Director - Applications Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

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