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Welcome to DERBI Foundation

Technology is leapfrogging far beyond the expected and enormous activities are in progress in research and development for new and newer technologies day by day. As a result of this revolution, newer areas of technology are emerging, opening up greater vistas of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Technology Business Incubators provide a conducive atmosphere and a range of critical support services and facilities needed to nurture and support start-up companies.
DERBI Foundation is a not for profit (section 8) company, established at Dayananda Sagar University with the support of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India to nurture budding entrepreneurs and incubate technology ventures.

Our Vision & Mission

DERBI’s vision is to maximize the success rate of the young ICT technology ventures by empowering them with state‐of‐the art technology innovation capabilities as well as experiential business wisdom.
DERBI’s mission is to be among the top five centers of entrepreneurship in India, with special emphasis on mentoring and scaling young ICT technology companies.

Our Strategic Imperatives

  • Attract  high quality entrepreneurs / ventures for incubation through engaging events like workshops, contests and seminars
  • Select suitable ventures that can leverage the strengths of DERBI and gain significant  advantage for their business growth
  • Create significant, accelerated and visible impact on the progress of the venture through structured mentoring process
  • Open up the access to eco‐system network of support partners, prospective customers as well as potential investors on a continuous basis
  • Strengthen the value of the incubator by developing a powerful network of DERBI alumni and engaging them regularly with the incubates

How does DERBI help you to sustain, scale up and grow?

DERBI envisages to create a synergetic partnership with the incubates , enabling them to build robust , sustainable business models and grow into profitable business ventures.
DERBI offers physical incubation facility at two levels. The pre-incubation facility is provided at Campus 1, Kumaraswamy Layout and the full fledged incubation facility is at the DSU Innovation Campus, Hosur Road.


At DERBI the incubates can avail state of the art infrastructure facilities for a nominal cost.
The infrastructure facilities include:

  • Personal computers
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Intercom
  • IT support
  • Common pool of hard and soft infrastructure like meeting/conference room, teleconferencing facilities, library are also provided.
  • Cafeteria for snacks and working lunch for employees of incubate companies.

Support and Services

DERBI is connected to professionals to extend support and services to its incubated companies in most of the business domains:

  • Accounting Services – Routine Book – keeping and Invoice generation.
  • IPR Services- drafting and filing of  patents or any other IP
  • Services- legal - registration
  • HR services- Talent Acquisition, Leave Management , Payroll management
  • Framing of company policies

A dedicated in house team would be available for all administrative support
DERBI offers other value added services that are offered are in the specific domains such as :

  • Product Design
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing and Branding


DERBI supports the incubated companies with additional funds provided by Government of India under the MSME scheme.
The scheme aims at nurturing innovative business ideas (new/ingenious technology, process, products, procedures, etc), which could be commercialized in a year.

Level of Funding: Up to Rs.6.25 Lakhs per business idea.


DERBI  has empanelled mentors with rich and diverse experience and expertise in all the aspects of managing a successful startup company. The mentors would be experts in specific domains such as Technology, Finance, Business Strategy and Business Model, Legal , Intellectual property and Product Design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the role of a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) ?
A TBI is a unique entrepreneurship ecosystem that catalyses a startup company to transform its idea into a product that is commercially viable. The TBI also offers tailored made programs to their client companies with suitable business support services and resources.

How do business incubators differ from co-working spaces?
Co-working spaces primarily add value in terms of interaction and networking with other professionals. Whereas a TBI specifically adds value for startups companies by providing them all the necessary resources, including mentoring to scale up their entrepreneurial initiative.

Who can apply for the Incubation facility at DERBI Foundation?

Any entrepreneur who is keen on setting up his own company and is seeking support & resources to scale it up, can apply.

How does an incubate/entrepreneur benefit from the TBI?
The TBI offers the state of the art infrastructure  coupled with an integrated package of business support services at a very moderate cost. This enables to incubates to start/ scale up their venture at relatively lower costs.

What are the infrastructure facilities provided in the Incubator ?

  • 27 incubating rooms of varying capacity - 4 seats to 10 seats.
  • Single seat open seating arrangements for capacity of 44 seats
  • 4 conference Rooms
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • Voice and data connectivity
  • Common Library and General Utilities.
  • Hardware Support & Services
  • Training room / Auditorium for 100 people
  • Server Room facility

What are the services offered by DERBI?

  • Training
  • Design & Development of  Prototype
  • Mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs & Business Experts
  • Prototype Showcasing to prospective investors
  • Workshops on Business Strategy, Design, IP & Technology

Which are the Government agencies that support DERBI Foundation?
With the support of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India  DERBI Foundation established.
The incubates can also avail the funding support from Business Incubation scheme  supported by Ministry of MSME, Govt of India.

The illustrative List of Supporting Activities and the Likely expenditure for an Incubate are :

How long an incubate can be assisted? The incubation period would vary from one company to another. However, the maximum period of incubation would be either 18 months or once they get funded, they typically ‘graduate’ from DERBI.

Does DERBI Fund Companies? Since DERBI Foundation is supported by Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India, the incubates would have access to seed funds. It also provides startups unique advantage to position themselves to seek funding from private investors. DERBI would also :

  • Connect companies to angel investors (high-net-worth individual investors)
  • Work with companies to perfect venture capital presentations and connect them to venture capitalists.
  • Assist companies in applying for bank loan

What is the tariff for the Incubation facility?

Please contact the DERBI office for tariff details.

Whom to contact to apply for incubation?

A. Suryanarayanan
CEO, DERBI Foundation,
Dayananda Sagar Institutions,
Shavige Malleshwara Hills,
Kumaraswamy Layout,
Bangalore 560078

Mail to:
Phone: (080) 42161459