Vision and Mission

   Throwing light on the way forward
To be a centre of excellence in education, research & training, innovation & entrepreneurship and to produce
citizens with exceptional leadership qualities to serve national and global needs.
To achieve our objectives in an environment that enhances creativity, innovation and
scholarly pursuits while adhering to our vision.

The values that drive DSU and support its vision:

  • The Pursuit of Excellence
  • A commitment to strive continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field.

  • Fairness
  • A commitment to objectivity and impartiality, to earn the trust and respect of society.

  • Leadership
  • A commitment to lead responsively and creatively in educational and research processes.

  • Integrity and Transparency
  • A commitment to be ethical, sincere and transparent in all activities and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.