Why DSU?


The School of Engineering prides itself in pioneering engineering education that is an amalgamation of the liberal arts and engineering. As the world flattens out, and economies become interconnected in unimaginable ways, an engineer more than ever needs to grapple with a range of issues that are no more technical, but relate to the cultural, social, ethical and environmental. We believe that our students should not to be just engineers, but critical thinkers with thorough exposure to all that History, Economics, Arts, Psychology and Philosophy have to offer. The engineering part of their education is driven by the philosophy that students need constant exposure to industry ready skills and techniques in conjunction with the theoretical fare that is on par with the best in the world therefore we recruit faculty members who are well accomplished in their domain of expertise. 

Our curriculum is developed with our philosophy to education in mind. Every department is guided by a Board of Studies(BOS), with an eclectic mix of theoreticians and practitioners from the academia and industry. Being in the knowledge city, each BOS is blessed with the brightest of minds from institutes such as the Indian Institute of Science(IISc) and Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) and central research institutes like the 4th Paradigm Institute (4PI), National Aeronautics Laboratory(NAL), NIIST, etc. Our BOS are also balanced by members of the industry, like IBM, INTEL, etc. Our M.Tech labs have been designed in partnership with IBM, AUTODESK and BOSCH etc.